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Some places have nudist summer camps for young people. If your guy asked to go, what would you say?
Just say that your son or daughter is is 14 or 15 and a friend of the same gender from school invited your guy to spend a few weeks at a teen summer camp where the guys don't wear clothes. If your guy wanted to go how would you react. Would you let him/her?
If it was one of the AANR approved camps, I would feel pretty good about it. They're heavily chaperoned.

There's nothing that can happen at a nudist summer camp, that can't happen at a textile summer camp.
Do you think teens should join a nudist colony?
I mean like aged 12-17ish. I personally don't think it's a good idea. They aren't allowed consent until 17 for a reason, they make uneducated decisions. I think it would just put way to much sexual pressure on a young person, especially with all the older nudists around.

What do you think?
Legally there are issues and most nudist clubs will outright forbid unaccompanied minors from visiting or joining as a matter of policy. Many minors do come with their parents/guardians and are very much welcomed. Little or nothing prevents teens from visiting clothing-optional beaches, hot springs, and swimming holes with or without adult supervision.

I hate to judge, but your line of questioning shows your lack of understanding of nudism. There is no sexual pressure at a nudist club. I have been to many nudist clubs and everyone looks out for the well being of each other, especially guyren. Overt sexual activity by two consenting adults is not tolerated and the offending parties will be asked to leave. If a guy were to be placed in a sexual situation at a nudist facility the offending party will likely be charged and prosecuted.

I have met many nudist guyren over the years and never once have I witnessed anything to lead me to believe a guy would be placed in jeopardy by being at a nudist club or resort. Even at clubs that have mandatory nudity policies for adults, guyren are usually not held to the same standards. Guyren are free to dress or undress as they see fit, however it has been my observation that most choose to be nude quite frequently.

I suggest you do some more research about nudism and look at some legitimate nudist and naturist websites. Start by visiting the website for the American Association for Nude Recreation or The Naturist Society View some of the webpages for the affiliate clubs and make arrangements to visit a local club. Chances are you'll meet some nudist families and you can get some first-hand answers.

Good Luck.
Questions about nudist camps?
Do all nudist/naturist camps allow people of all ages to participate or are they separated, with some for adults and other camps for guys under 18? If all ages are allowed in, what is the etiquette if a man gets an erection, or especially if it happens to a younger teen boy when they can't help but get multiple erections per day? Since everyone is naked anyway, do couples make love out in the open or do they still do that in a bedroom or somewhere private?
Nudist camps are usually very much a family type of place. All ages intermingle freely.

As for the "spontaneous erection" thing. When a male, of any age, gets an erection while out in plain view, the normal thing is to find a way so that it is not so much in view until it goes away. That is normal for people new to nudism but becomes much less of an issue as they get more and more used to being around nude people.

As for sex, that is done in private only. o overt sexual activity is condoned in public view.

I hope this has helped. There is a lot more on nudism and naturism on the net. Just do a google search using either naturism or nudism as the search term. Be aware that the search may turn up sites where nudity is displayed though.
What should i expect out of a nudist colony?Teens?
Okay so my cousin is going to be moving to a nudist colony this summer and she wanted me to ask what to expect out of it.
She 15 years old and has never been to a nude beach or resort
She just wants to know what the teens do there and what schools are like and stuff.
People that live or have lived or have visited in a nudist colony please answer,preferablly teens or young adults?
Thanks for your help!
Oh and its also by a beach if that helps
i promise to choose a best answer!
Naked people have nothing to hide because it's non-sexual? Rant.?
I stumbled across this website because I searched 'nude beach' and a photo of a fully naked girl 7-9 years old popped up-I was shocked to see it and went to the website to read what they had to say about themselves as a website. After reading their website and reading a mess of other stuff on the legality of it all- I do understand that it is in fact legal because they are naturists and the content is not of a sexual nature (in their opinion-but what about the opinion of pedophiles-which I think should be of concern). It's hard for me to believe that the site is all about family nudism and such though when nearly 95% (so it seems) of the photos on the website contain full frontal photos of girls only (average age 7-16 maybe). There are male and femal adults as well as guyren of both sexes-but it seems that the vast majority of the photos on the website are of pre-teen girls and only a miniscule amount are of adults and boys. And by vast majority-I mean enough to seem that the website is almost strictly about pre-teen female nudists. They also sell videos of these girls in nude pageant contests. Again-I understand that naturism is a lifestyle. I do NOT understand the reasoning behind the site being predominantly (seemingly under 18) young female based. And I do NOT understand the reasoning behind offering "Free 'Young Teen Jr Pageant Contest'" DVD's to anyone who wants to get their hands on one (cough cough-aside from naturists-and naturists to be-I think the only other people who'd be interested would be pedophiles). It seems a bit geared towards pedophiles to me. What is sexual explicit to a pedophile? A naked guy/pre-teen playing on the beach? What's non-sexual to some is probably seen differently to a pedophile. In that case-who's to say that it's not sexually explicit? Sexually explicit to who? Naturists or pedophiles? If the site wasn't so focused on what I mentioned above then I don't guess I would see it that way-to each their own-BUT considering the vast majority of the content-it's not looking as though they are geared towards 'family friendly naturist' kind of stuff. Just my opinion-does anyone else feel that this is a problem?
You are not the first to question this website. As others have said, the pictures in themselves are not illegal to the best of our knowledge in either the US or the UK at least, as they do not involve posing of a sexual nature. I say "to the best of our knowledge" because the law, in the UK, is very vague.

It is important that we don't demonise pictures of naked guyren simply because of the nudity, as to do so would be to make the innocent family picture of the guys in the bath or running through the sprinkler on a hot day illegal, in which case most families would have broken the law at some stage! It is also true that a picture of a clothed guy can be pornographic if posed seductively! We live in an age of paranoia which is not healthy and certainly isn't creating a mature and responsible attitude in our guyren, teenagers in particular, towards the human body.

The high level of guyren and in particular young girls, in this site's pictures has caused us at British Naturism to be suspicious of their motives or at least their intended market, so as a consequence we have refused to accept advertising from them on our website or in our magazine. Much of what is written on their website is good - it is just their concentration on guyren in their pictures that causes us to have doubts.

There are other websites who we feel the same about, but I will not give details as I have no desire to give them publicity.
I want to hear bout your first time nudism stories.?
I want to be a nudist but am to young but i hope to go to a beach or resort when im older and i would love to here some first time stories. Im not a pervert just a curious teen aged nudist.
My first time on a nude beach I was fully clothed and wearing my cowboy boots.

I had read in the paper about a nude beach on the Wisconsin River and couldn't believe we actually had such a thing in my own area. I had never been to a nude beach, or seen naked people in real life, (except in the showers at school and in the Army) and I was curious. So when I was in the area on a job I made a detour to check it out.

I walked out onto the beach, past the "warning nude bathers ahead" sign and went a little ways till I saw them. I just stood and watched for a couple minutes. They all ignored me.

I saw people splashing about in the water, parents playing with their guyren in the sand, couples and singles laying on blankets soaking up the rays, or sitting there talking and enjoying the scenery, and a mixed group of people playing a game of vollyball. The ONLY thing I saw different from any other beach I had ever been on was there were fewer women, and almost no clothes, except for the people arriving or leaving.

I had always been a nudist at heart, but didn't know what to do about it. I didn't want to get arrested. When I saw this place I knew I'd found what I was looking for, and I've been back many times.

My first time naked was no big deal. I walked out on the beach wearing shorts and a shirt and carrying a beach towell, layed out my towell, got undressed just like I would if I was getting ready for a shower, and sat down on the towell. Some people looked up momentarily and then turned back to their own interests.

Laying there completely nude soaking up the warm summer sun and feeling the gentle breezes on my entire body, and listening to the birds singing and the sounds all around me of friends in conversation, and a laugh here and there, and the anonymity of it all. It was an incredibly serene and enjoyable experience.

I don't know what kind of rules exist at a resort. Maybe you need to be a certain age if you're not with a parent. Some resorts don't allow single guys, as they prefer groups or families. At Mazo Beach on the WI River nobody checks you in or out or asks for ID. Their is no age restriction. It's probably the same at any public nude beach (actually, the preferred term is "clothing optional"). You don't have to be nude, it's just that most people choose to be.

For more information check out Mazo Beach on line.
Nudity on the beach?
my gf and i recently wanted to try out a nudist beach,we arent nudists but thought it might be fun to try she bought a see thru G string bather for the occasion.on the day i stripped off first she thought it a good idea to wear the see thru thong bathers at least she had something on till she was comfortable totaly nude,we notice most people wore nothing and a the people had lot of pubic hair whilst we are smoothies,are there any baldies go to these beaches?,she was very shy about being nude and her prominent labia and that blokes would look,i wasnt bothered if they did or not but the fact was she thinks people would look i think they looked more cos she had a see thru bather on and it was a sexy look i told her nude men perv on nude girls in that way?
I mean there were young teens there too in families which made me think why do people do it,my gf asked if it was right,i felt great with it,being nude with these people made me feel as one with them.
The nude beach is an absolutely awesome place! I'm 21 and have been going for 4 years. There is noithing like being naked on a beach on a warm sunny day!

Sometimes girls are a little shy the first time they get naked in public (I was at first, but only for a few minutes until I got comfortable with being naked in front of so many people.) That shyness passes after awhile, and believe me, once you're OK with beach nudity you'll never want to wear a bathing suit again.

Everyone at the nude beach looks at everybody else - it's natural - but rarely does anyone act like a real perv. As girls, we get used to this after awhile and it doesn't make any difference to us whether a guy stares between our legs or at our boobs - that's his problem, not ours. There's no reason for your girlfriend to give up the pleasure of being naked on the beach simply because some guy might look at her vagina. She'll get over that very quickly, believe me!

Enjoy the nude's absolutely wonderful!

Bare hugs...!
Am I a pedophile and are the police going to be coming after me?
Okay, so I am 16, and I was looking for pictures of teens, hoping they would all be legal. However, there was a picture of age girls I was really "aroused" by, but they were labeled as teens, so I presumed, being 16, it surely couldn't be pedophilia.

However, they did look a little too young, and so out of sheer paranoia I decided to do some research on the picture. On the website, it was in an article about teen nudity, in which every other pictures were of teens. I searched the file name on google (which the file name contained the words teen nudists) and in the search was a result blocked by chilling effect for containing guy pornography (I didn't go on this website, url removed for a start, and I wouldn't have anyway)

Well, I am also scared now that if this search had a removed results, maybe is was under observation by the police? Just a strange theory of mine.

If someone could give me some closure on this I would be extremely grateful
You should read the book "1984" by George Orwell. Big Brother is watching you and knows everything you do (or think). Beware of advances in surveillance technology. It's not proper to view, create, possess or transmit guy porn. Viewing such sites may also result in viruses or unwanted cookies from the rouge website. Seriously do not worry about what has happened. Just avoid those sites in the future.
I caught my husband masturbating to naked teens pictures?
I caught my husband masturbating to 13 or 14 year old girls. He was in a nudists web site and it was really young teens and he was masturbating to the pictures. How normal is this? I have a 6 year old daughter witch is not his and now I don't know if I should be worried about her. We had a big fight he didn't want to let me see the pictures, I was so mad that I hit him a couple of times, he left and I haven't talk to him since. Basically I don't know if this is something we can work out or if that was much. I he had been masturbating to porn it wouldn't had matter but it wasn't porn it was just girls standing there naked.
gotta say this sounds pretty common. Men masturbate to ALL KINDS of wierd out there things we would never actually have sex with. Don't be to quick to judge. Discuss this with him before calling Chris Hansen but when it comes down to it follow your parental instincts. If you REALLY believe your guy is in danger hit the road.
Do you remember a magazine photo of dozens of younger nudists sunning, diving at a quarry?
This double page color photo was published in a magazine (Life? Time? Playboy?) in the 1970s (or maybe late 60s), possibly during the hippie era. It shows dozens of naked people in late teens / early 20s enjoying a sunny day at a steep-walled quarry. They are spaced around the quarry sitting individually or in small groups on rock outcroppings at different levels. A few are seen diving into the water below. This photo resonated strongly with me at the time -- I wished I could have been there -- and it's stuck in my mind ever since. I'd like to find a back copy of the issue in which the photo appeared. Thanks for any help.
No. But it probably related to you at that time because of the 'hippie' era, and your age then.

Maybe you'll find it in the archives at one of the magazines.

good luck

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