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What compels a young woman not to wear panties with a pair of jeans?
I could see not wearing them if they were low riders, but I mean going commando with regular jeans.
Maybe she likes freedom in the rear and the rough zipper ride in the front - !
Why are young women not wearing panties?
Lately I've noticed that many young women are not wearing panties. I notice because when they sit or stoop I can plainly see the cracks of their backsides.

Girls, please explain this behaviour. Thanks.
Ive noticed this also. I don't like it. it is improper for both plumbers and young women to go around showing some crack. regardless of what the fashion magazines say, that is an ********, not a second instance of cleavage.
How did you react when you first caught your young son sniffing the bras and panties at Walmart?
Should I be worried?
You most definitely should be worried!! What's he doing sniffing Walmart's women's wear? Victoria's Secret is where the good stuff's at.
What do cashiers think when young guys buy panties? (for ladies)?
I'm a normal guy that wheres girls panties. I just always wonder what the cashier thinks when I arrive at the counter and hand her the panties I've selected to purchase. Girls, (because most lingerie department store clerks are female) what would you or do you think?
If I was the store clerk I would have an open mind and my first reaction would be " What a lucky girl" I would not skip to the thought that they were for you. Hope I could help :D
I cant get an erection unless I am wearing panties? What should I do?
I started wearing panties young, but now I've realized I cant really get or sustain an erection if I am not wearing them. I have no problem whatsoever when I am wearing them. How did this happen and why? Will I always be like this?
yea, you should keep wearin' them, at all times !
I haven't watched TNA in a while, Can someone please tell WHY Eric Young is dressed as a cowboy in panties?
Well I was watching the video of mickie james singing hard core country like 2 weeks ago, because shes hot as hell..and all of a sudden , Eric Young in a cowboy hat and thong?! WTF, where did this come from, maybe this is why I don't watch TNA..but I guess you can say the same stuff for really dumb WWE segments, but please, why is eric young in this position?
i havnt watch it in a while but he looks strange since he had his hair cut
Young jeezy where the panties at?
I dont get the meaning of that song could someone please explain?
Thankss :)
When I was with your mom, they were on the floor.
How do girls feal when younger male famil wears there panties ?
Dear girls who have a young male brother/cousin / son. I want to know how you feel them when they were your panties like thongs and etc or steal them or what happaned when you caught them in thec act
Lol this is so funny!! I don't think they will like it lol. I'm a guy but I wouldn't like it if someone stole my undies/man thongs/g-strings ect.
Where can young teen girls find cute, non sexual, but not little girlish bras & panties?
This is really embarassing, but I'm 13 and I still have girls' underwear and 2 plain bras from Kohls.
I don't want to shop at Victoria's Secret or anything, but where can I get cute undergarments that are reasonably priced and appropriate for my age?
Victoria's Secret pink

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