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How can I make my teen girlfriend wet and what does it mean when she is?
We are both 15 and make out a lot
Should I kiss her neck or something?
It means she is horny. Not telling you how though. Sorry Junior.
Why did my teen wet the bed suddenly?
My son is 17Y.O and today he just wet the bed. He has had problems in the past but not recently in the past 2 years. Last time was 2 years ago If i can remember. Does anyone know why he is doing this? It doesn't happen very often he hasn't told me any other time besides today and 2 years ago. Almost once in a blue moon.
If it only happened once I wouldn't be too concerned, accidents happen.

If it continues, I may be concerned that he has been experiencing some kind of stress or trauma. But that's just because I'm a social worker and I focus on worst case scenario sometimes. It could be something physiological. Any number of things.
Does your teen still wet the bed?
If so, do you have them wear diapers or pull-ups?
What age are they?
I was a bed wetter past the age of 15. I wore regular disposable diapers to bed every night past my 15th birthday until I could keep the diapers dry. I now have a 5 yr old son that is wet every night so I still diaper him nightly. Bed wetting runs in our family so my parents used diapers on me and I've been diapering my son and so far so good its worked out fine.
Is it good to have wet dream i am a teen boy and do masturbation i sleep open want tricks to get more pleasure?
help me i want a website to know more how teen boys do masturbation in different ways or u can give ideas
you may want to try this website. www.jackinworld.com/techniques

feel free to IM me
Why would a teen wet the bed?
why would they do it on perpose and not on perpose
On Purpose:
1. An emotional problem in relation to family dysfunction or sexual abuse. (This is one example, there are many others like being bullied in school)

Not on purpose:
1. Inappropriate antidiuretic hormone causes too much urine to be produced. Their bladder simply over fills before they come out of deep non-rem sleep. There is an anti-diuretic hormone replacement tablet that can control this. (Diabetes Insipidus)

2. Drug induced. Muscle relaxants, benzodiazepines, alcohol use for example can relax the bladder sphinctor to cause urination or in deep sleep and bladder fills before awakening returns. This is involuntary reaction (not on purpose) but it happens from a purposeful act of abusing drugs or alcohol.

3. A stroke can cause a permanent or temporary loss of muscle control for bladder.

4. Juvenile onset diabetes (type one) can cause increased uring flow due to elevated sugars over 160 mg/dl

5. Deep sleeper might not wake up but if this is the case then the problem would have followed them from day one not just as a teen unless major changes in behavior. This type is without a problem with anti-diuretic hormone. Night time limiting of liquids after 8 p.m. may help this.

6. Neurological disorders like M.S., Parkinsons
Wet Seal Teen clothing online?
Whenever I go to wet seal .com and search teen clothing it comes up with nothing.
Is wet seal just adult clothing or is the whole chain teen clothing.
On polyvore it says wet seal/teen clothing.
I don't fit into the adult stuff but I really want to, I would fit into the teen clothing but...
Also is teen clothing just adult clothing, same sizing and everything but just made a bit tighter?
Thanks in advance
wet seal is a teen store...its all in teen sizes.
Are any of you teen girls been forced to wear diapers and wet them as well as yourself or is it just a friend?
of mine? thanks for the help.
I am a teen but I am not a girl...but I have heard of diaper punishment via strange peeps on da net..,it has never happened to me or anyone I personally know......I think it is quite odd...I would never use it as a parent...and it doesn't seem to work well from what I have heard.........it just seems to regress the person...sometimes to the point that they actually are like a big helpless baby....like I said I would never use this punishment...I think it is quite cruel
Im a teen guy and i want my hair too have a wet look to it all day long?
How do i do this?
How many of you used to wet your bed as a guy or teen?
How and when did you finally "grow out of it"? Have you ever had an accident again at a later time even though it was months or years after you thought you had "stopped"? Or once you grew out of it, did it just suddenly stop for good?

I had a bedwetting problem every night as a guy until I was about 12; since then I usually have been able to wake up during the night when I need the bathroom, but there are still those rare times for me when I'm really tired or stressed that I won't wake up until after it's too late. Anyone else who this has happened to, who is willing to admit it? ;) It's super embarrassing when it happens, for sure... but good to know that one is not alone with such things...
I wish I was lucky enough for my problem to stop for good. i don't know if people actually grow out bed wetting more than its actually dormient (you might say) in our bodies. It can happen at any time but the million dollar question is "when"?
I have been wetting the bed for as long as I could remember. I always had to get a new mattress on a yearly basis. I never wanted to sleep over at a friends house, or even at an aunts house in fear of being shamed for my problem. It totally effected my social life as a guy, even as an adult. Even though (as an adult) I have gone months and months with out an accident, I am still in the cautious mind set because I trained my mind to behave that way. I'm afraid to sleep over at my boyfriends house or even have him stay the night with me in fear I will wet my bed. I still haven't been able to talk about it due to my fear of judgment from my friend and family. Even though I know my friends and family will understand, I am way too embarrassed and ashamed that as an adult I have to deal with bed wetting. I grew up never talking about my problems. Hopefully I will overcome my issues and just accepted the fact the I am an adult bed wetter.

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