short skirt college girls
Summer forced all girls to wear short skirts and dresses and it is great chance to us to dive under their skirts

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Girls, Have you ever held the back of a short skirt down when walking up stairs or on a windy day?
As a guy I do like to check out girls. However, I think it is smart for most girls in a short skirt to do this. I am now in college but remember this cute cheerleader that allways did this.Lots of guys would try to see up her skirt when she walked up steps or was in the stands talking.I used to get a kick out of how she always kept both hands behind her , blocking their view.
yeah, damn wind!
What college has really short skirts for the girls uniforms?
Um.. you're gross.
Why do college girls wear short shorts to class?
Don't you have normal clothes like jeans, skirts (not denim mini skirts)? Why do your moms let you wear this outfit? Your butt hangs out of it. And please do not wear flip flops.
dude above me....its never good to answer a question with a question so i'll answer both of yours. They do it because they either feel they have to look sexy all the time. or because they llike to show skin. lol im not hatin it but my grades are. and he asked the question because he was interested in why they do Duh!!
Is what the girls in the USA like to get dressed short, mini skirt short dress heel? is this their style and?
especially with the college is it like its or only exceptions?
All girls like to wear short skirts, they look good (as long as you have nice legs and wear NICE shoes with it and your outfit is well balanced and not slu*ty, depends on the occasion too..). I find it ridiculous how some girls are "scared" / not confident enough to wear skirts or worry what others will think.
If I'm full of lust myself yet I hate slutty college girls and despise groupies while craving them, what gives?
I mean...I have never felt a bad thing towards nice girls, or unattractive girls. I think we can agree that many people despise hookers and girls who act like sluts. I'm a guy, so I know that women look down on other women who exhibit skanky behavior. Men also look down on these sorority 'hos,' as we call them in school....but they'll still hit it and quit it at least once. Whenever I hear about women being used as prostitutes for like a backstage rock concert or girls who just want to make a sex tape with that jerk-off from irritates me that there are women who stoop to such lows. But, the sad thing is that I've had numerous sexual encounters with these type of slutty women. It seems to only bother me that they consider it a one-night stand as well.

As a guy who obviously understands the "good girls" from the "celebrity chasing hos," or the "titillating, sexual dancers" at Scores, why am I still drawn to the lustful kind? I mean, it sickens me to think about prostitutes who would service D.C. Senators because it's obviously immoral and they don't respect themselves.....I feel sorry for them and I loathe their behavior. But, a part of me feels I'm just mad at those girls because they're not "servicing me." Like I said, I enjoy "bad, low self-esteem" girls even when I know what they are. Does anyone have any suggestions why I have this ambivalence with women? It's hard to get a date because I'm not turned on by reading profiles off Yahoo! Personals...I'm turned on by mysterious girls in short skirts who don't care what my favorite music is....
It is natural for men to be attracted to sex, and that's what those girls are: easy sex. The only difference with you is that you are hearing your conscience over the top of your sex drive which causes these questions. Were you raised to think sex was dirty or strictly not to do before marriage? That can make you question your natural feelings. I think if you wanted to get to know someone for more than just sex, that you would happily appreciate her "good girl" qualities, and would 'lust' her too.
I'm 51. Why do people hate it when I'm around college girls?
i thought this was 2010 not the 1950s...? I organize beer events at many places across the country and the one thing I love about my job is random sex. Some of these events have VIP areas where you can take them free and have fun. I like smooth legs, short skirts on beautiful girls and intercourse with them in general. I've been in the business for 5+ years and I'm just making up for loss time as a guy. Here's a picture of me las week with Sarah .
Stop posting these questions twice a day or more.

Like I said, I don't know why anyone would care. It's your life, not their's.
I am posing nude for a drawing class at girls college. I got an erection in front of the girls. Should I quit?
I was told this was inappropriate by the professor but I had an erection most of the 50 minutes we were in class. She didnt remove me from the class because she didnt want to do that in front of the students but she told me if it happens again, I will have to be let go. She said that was offensive and inappropriate. She told me to cool off and come better prepared not to have my mind on sexual things. I feel so badly but I can't help it. There are like 20 girls in this night class and they all are between ages 18-20 because its basically a freshman class and most of them are so beautiful. They come in wearing short skirts or daisy duke shorts. I try not to look at their pretty faces or legs but sometimes its hard not too and my penis gets up to its maximum 3.5 inches. I got a lot of giggles the first day and a lot of stares and chuckles. Girls were whispering stuff to themselves and I think they found it funny but the proffesor didnt. I wonder what they were saying? Should I just quit?
Your max is 3 1/2 inches?? Yeah, if I were you I'd quit in utter embarrassment.
Why do college girls like to dress really sexy/hot when they go to parties?
I notice how they like to wear really short skirts and expose alot of skin and really tight and fashionable clothing. Y not wear regular clothing, jeans an shirt.
Well because they want to look pretty and sexy.
I paid a business trip to the US last year. I saw college girls wearing shorts. Why?
Why American women do not wear skirts anymore ? Also, why many American women smoke? If the difference between men and women has been narrowing since Legstrong landed on the moon and a great leap for the womenkind, we certainly expect American women have become prettier. BTW, I am not insulting anybody here. I believe many Americans do not like female smokers either.
First off many women do wear skirts,but they also wear shorts some of the time.You act like it's a crime.Many people smoke.It's not good for a women of men,so why are you only singling out the women?
Why girls always ask what guys are attracted to?
This question is repeated 1000 often: "what do you as a guy like in women?".

Where is the mystery? See it on the street, at college, in movies, on TV... whatever. We like thin girls long hair, short skirts, the shorter the skirt the better. Have you ever seen a girl in a miniskirt who is alone and single??

Gee, why does this keep coming up?
yaa its funny just like the qn how to become slimm :-)) nad reduce fat in the body everyone knows what to do but still they askkk

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