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Do you know website can i find collection of beautiful or sexy asian girl and model?
I'm looking for pictures of beautiful asian girls as well as sexy girls/models/celebrities. If you know, please share the web with me. Thanks.:-)
Asian women are beautiful and exotic, huh?
Is Tony Jaa considered a sexy asian man?
OK I am a little bias toward this because I am a Thai guy and Jaa is the only Thai man who ever reach stardom in the mainstream. I am quite proud for his accomplishment. I found that many women, white, black, hispanic, consider him quite sexy, but lots of Asian woman said he is ugly or just average at best, Hmm.
The Asian women who said that are trying to climb the social ladder. At the top are the elites, usually white, so they try to distance themselves from their own culture in order to be accepted into the top.

It's not a healthy way of thinking. They are born Asian they will always be Asian no matter how much they try to run away. It is better to be a respectable middle-upper class with achievements, than it is to be a sex toy for the elite. Best thing to do for them is just be proud of their heritage and live on, but sadly many of them are taught by media to think lowly of themselves.

As for Tony Jaa, he is one bad *** mother ******. He looks good... as long as he keeps his hair short.
Why are both black and asian men so sexy?
I get called all kinds of things like a selfhater and stupid stuff like that, but white men are soooo blan and boring like rice chex and biscuits. Tyler Perry is the sexiest black man and Takeshi Kaneshiro is the sexiest asian man. Do you think it's wrong for not being attracted to white men? Most are rude too!
lol @ answers, alot of people questioning tyler perry, even though i dont know who he is or ever seen him but you gonna create a new level 1 account or continue using this account?
Why can't we send White guys to China and trade them for sexy Asian men?
Since White American guys like Asians, shouldn't America send them all to China and trade them in for the Chinese guys!? That would be so hot. Then also the importance of education like Asian men have, and the great work ethic, the family values, extreme sexiness and all the money they make can go into America and make it better/smarter. Blending Asian men with the White women, Black women and Latina women will create a sexy @ss population too! That would be so HOT! Sexiness.
lol erm *coughs* i actually live in the UK but i'm in china atm
Why are Latinas always called sexy and Asian women always called cute?
Anyone else notice this? An attractive Latin women is always called sexy but is never called cute. While an attractive Asian women is always called cute but never sexy. Why is that? What makes one cute and the other sexy?
well,many asians, are consider "goodie good" or "too aporoachable"

but of course there are always those "sexy ones" in every race, but most are "consider"
Why do people hate on our sexy asian men?
Our asian men are sexy, how can people not see that? I'd rather get with a sweet asian man than a loser white guy. Asian men have nice muscles, nice tan, hairless body, and sexy features. Why do white (especially white men) hate on our sexy asian men?
Believe it or not, it's the contrary for where I live. Nearly every day when I get off of my school bus I always hear the preppy white girls talk about how hot my friend (he's a genius Asian guy who's heading to Brown University to study medicine ☺) is. I also prefer Asian guys (Less body hair, less layers of fat, less acne, glamorous hair ♥).

For an amusing (but maybe a bit disturbing at certain points) video on why white girls fall for Asian men, see this video:…
Where can I buy a large poster of sexy Asian girl(s)?
This is a serious question.
I want big posters of sexy Asian girls in my dorm.
Please be serious.
think of the name of your favorite asian model and get her poster online
What countries (besides asian countries) do women find Asian men sexy the most?
In America, Brazil, Africa, and etc. women tend to like black men, but it Poland, the average women there find black men unattractive.

In America, it is common to have women that see's Asian men as unattractive.

My question is, what countries (beside Asian country) do women find Asian men sexy the most?
i could say a lot of people from each country. not all though

everyone have different opinion.
Who Does The American Media Stereotype As The Least Sexy, Asian Men Or Red Haired Men ?
How many Asian and Redhaired male sex symbols are there in Hollywood ?
A few years ago, I would have said that they were about even, but Hollywood has recently/finally begun to show sexy Asian men. They are still underrepresented, but I definitely think that they now have the edge over red-headed men. I find it funny that Asian and red-headed women are two of the top-portrayed sex symbols, yet for men of the same type it's been the opposite.
Who Does The American Media Stereotype As Being The Least Sexy, Asian Men Or Red Haired Men?
How many Asian and Redhaired male sex symbols are there in Hollywood ?
I don't think that it's just the media stereotyping. I can't think of any sexy Asian or red haired men. I do know some attractive Asian men, sexy no. Also, I know some red heads with beautiful eyes, but not rugged enough to be sexy in my eyes.

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